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Don't just learn cybersecurity awareness... 

Live it!

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It's not enough to simply learn security awareness -- you need to LIVE it.

Research has shown that interactive, fun, and memorable learning experiences are key to retention and future implementation. Tel-Arm has developed CyberFit - a unique, integrated psychlogy-of-learning approach, based on gamification, to train non-techical individuals and organiziations on how to protect themselves from the dangers of today's cyber landscape.  Created by a team of experts in education, psychology, and cybersecurity, the program aims to instill key security-awareness concepts in a fun and engaging environment, to ensure that participants not only enjoy the training, but retain the material presented.

CyberFit Program:

Interactive, engaging presentation

Hands-on team competition to reinforce newly-learned  knowledge  (activity stations & challenges)

Topics include:

Social Engineering





Clean desk policy

Proper reporting of incidents


Social Media Safety

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Experience CyberFit anytime, anywhere!

Your company deserves protection from cybercrime 365 days a year. Our online members-only area provides you with unlimited access to our presentations, quizzes, and our popular CyberFit interactive competition.

Subscribing to our online platform also gives your company the ability to onboard new employees immediately after the hiring process and prepare them to start their jobs without compromising your company's security.

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For more information and pricing, please contact us:

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